2021 Invest Grants Programme – Addressing Financial Vulnerability

Bank of Scotland Foundation recognises the significant financial impact that Covid-19 has had on people across Scotland. To ensure Bank of Scotland Foundation funding can reach those in real need, the Invest Grants Programme for 2021 will have a theme of Financial Vulnerability. Our programme will provide funding to charities to help vulnerable people across Scotland manage various financial issues, including those who were already facing significant difficulties with their finances before the pandemic, and those who are now accessing charity support services for the first time as a direct result of the pandemic.

Through our programme we expect to support charities with core cost funding and/or project cost funding. For example, this could be towards charities providing:

  • Traditional financial support services provided by Citizen’s Advice Bureau’s and Money Advice Centres.
  • Projects to improve financial literacy for people who are living on low incomes and /or requiring debt management support.
  • Financial awareness and money advice services for people with illnesses and long-term conditions (including Mental Health) and their families.
  • More tailored financial advice targeted towards vulnerable groups within their communities.
  • Support for issues around fuel and/or food poverty and/or budgeting and maximising income to ensure people are not at risk of homelessness.

To be eligible for this programme charities must have a minimum of 3 years accounts at OSCR and have an annual income of between £100k and £1m. Please note this annual income must be from the most recent accounts which have been lodged and checked at OSCR.

With the exception of any extensions provided by OSCR and Companies House due to Covid-19, accounts must not be overdue at OSCR or Companies House. Charities can apply for funding between £20,000 and £40,000 per year for between 2 and 5 years.

The total requested per year must be no greater than 20% of your charity’s annual income from the last accounts lodged at OSCR. For example if your charity’s annual income is £100K per annum, your charity can apply for no more than £20,000 per year for up to 5 years (total grant amount of £100,000 over 5 years).

To apply you must submit an online application.

If you are submitting a first-stage application for Invest

 You MUST  You cannot apply if

Your charity must have an income of between £100,000 - £1m and be either a financial vulnerability charity or one that has projects addressing financial vulnerability

You cannot apply if you have less than three years Annual Accounts lodged at OSCR

Your charity must have at least three years Annual Accounts lodged with and checked by OSCR

If your charity’s annual income is less than £100,000 or more than £1m

You must be a charity registered in Scotland, operational for at least three years

You cannot apply if you do not have all your regulatory returns up to date at OSCR and Companies House

Make sure you put the correct charity number on your application.

You cannot apply if you are currently in receipt of a grant.

Make sure your annual accounts are signed by both an independent examiner and a member of the Board. Computer generated or signatures that are blacked out will not be accepted

You cannot apply if you are a charity whose purpose is:

  • Political organisation

  • Animal welfare

  • The promotion of religion

  • Medical research

  • To make grants, donations, loans, gifts or pensions to individuals

In your A4 information, describe how you plan to spend any funding award and explain how your community will benefit from it.

You cannot apply for donations to:

  • individuals

  • advertising

  • sponsorship

  • foreign trips

  • overseas projects

Make sure your additional A4 information is no more than one page long.


The amount you apply for each year must be the same, with the same breakdown for same cost e.g. a salary each year, £25,000 each year over 5 years = total amount requested of £125,000.


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Grants programme will reopen later.